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Are you struggling with, or concerned about sustaining, collaboration and teamwork in your organization? Do you need to attract and retain talent so that you are positioned for what’s next?

We can help you navigate the waters of uncertainty by teaching you what SMART Conversations® are and how to have them. Whether your organization is in the private, public, or non-profit sector, our specialized facilitated training is a platform for culture transformation and a practical results-based tool to significantly:

"SMART Conversations® training was key to getting through the negotiations with our recently purchased firm and has helped the integration process considerably. SMART Conversations® has also played a significant role in the increased collaboration between regions and offices this year. This collaboration had a major positive impact on increasing profits as we more effectively brought resources to projects from across the country, and we have more effectively assembled the best internal teams across regions and offices to win some significant work."

Bob Gabel, Chief Financial Officer, GEI Consultants, Inc.
  • reduce turnover
  • enhance recruiting
  • increase productivity
  • build sales
  • improve client service

What is SMART Conversations®?

SMART Conversations® is a facilitated training that builds foundational skills in effective conversation. By creating a platform for effective communication, you can build a culture of collaboration that lives and breathes the four core conditions of SMART Conversations®:

  • Shared Meaning – are we talking about the same thing?
  • Authenticity – are we being ‘real’ with one another?
  • Respect – can we show respect to others by listening and engaging all perspectives?
  • Trust – are we willing to extend trust to each other?

Our clients find that a collaborative culture makes them a talent “magnet” and increased staff retention saves hundreds of thousands annually in recruitment and staff replacement costs. According to a study by the Institute for Research on Labor and Employment, University of California, Berkeley "turnover costs for a manager average 150% of salary, including tangible costs of hiring new workers and relocation, and intangible costs such as the new worker's inefficiency and lost productivity while the job is vacant."

SMART Conversations®, our signature training, has been successfully improving the quality of conversation for thousands of employees in dozens of organizations since 1995. Since then, we have developed several versions of our SMART Conversations® training to accommodate client requests and busy schedules, including web-based training, a one-day offering, a two-day offering and Train-the-Trainer options. Click here for more information.

What’s different about SMART Conversations®?

Unlike other communications programs, SMART Conversations® gives people a valuable toolkit that revolves around five principles. Why is that important? Difficult situations require cool heads that manage the tendency to go into “avoid” or “attack” trigger styles. By applying the principles of dialogue, you are always prepared to go into a conversation with the skills you need to have a productive outcome. That is why SMART Conversations® is, well, smart and practical. You don’t need to memorize a litany of acronyms to apply in different situations. Our engaging principle-based—rather than situation-based— formula empowers you to respond with candor and compassion—even in the heat of the moment.

Want to know more?

Please browse our web site for detailed information on how your organization can create a culture of collaboration. Then, take advantage of the opportunity to experience SMART Conversations® by scheduling a Taste of Dialogue. If you prefer, take a FREE tour of our web-based version, which will familiarize you with our powerful content. Check out the Resources on our site.

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